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2012/03/31 情報追加
2012/03/27 初回公開

Skyrim 1.5 Available on Steam (Updated)

Update 3/26: Today we’ve released a new Skyrim beta update, version 1.5.26, that introduces the following fixes:


Fixed issue with frequency of first person kill cameras
Underwater effects now display properly
Fixed crash when loading certain plugins
Fixed issue where sun would not appear properly after fast travel

Original Post: Released last week as a Beta, Skyrim’s 1.5 update is now available to all users on Steam. Those playing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can expect the update soon, as we’re submitting the update to console manufacturers this week.

UPDATE 1.5 (all platforms unless noted)


New cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells
New kill moves and animations for melee weapons
Shadows on grass available (PC)
Smithing skill increases now factor in the created item’s value
Improved visual transition when going underwater
Improved distance LOD transition for snowy landscapes


General crash fixes and memory optimizations
Fixed issue with Deflect Arrows perk not calculating properly
In “A Cornered Rat,” the death of certain NPCs no longer blocks progression
Fixed issue where Farkas would not give Companion’s quests properly
Fixed crash when loading saves that rely on data that is no longer being loaded
Followers sneak properly when player is sneaking
Fixed issue with weapon racks not working properly in Proudspire Manor
Arrows and other projectiles that were stuck in objects in the world now clean up properly
Fixed issue where “Rescue Mission” was preventing “Taking Care of Business” from starting properly
Fixed issue where certain NPCs would fail to become Thieves Guild fences
Fixed issue in “Diplomatic Immunity” where killing all the guards in the Thalmor Embassy before starting the quest would break progress
In “Hard Answers,” picking up the dwarven museum key after completing the quest, no longer restarts the quest
Killing Viola before or after “Blood on the Ice” no longer blocks progression
Fixed issue where Calixto would fail to die properly in “Blood on the Ice”
In “Waking Nightmare” fixed occasional issue where Erandur would stop pathing properly
Fixed issue where letters and notes with random encounters would appear blank
Fixed rare issue where dialogue and shouts would improperly play
Lydia will now offer marriage option after player purchases Breezehome in Whiterun
Fixed issue where if player manually mined ore in Cidhna Mine, jail time would not be served
Fixed rare issue with skills not increasing properly
Fixed issue where the Headsman’s Axe did not gain proper buff from Barbarian perk
In “A Night to Remember” it is no longer possible to kill Ysolda, Ennis or Senna before starting the quest
Fixed issue with the ebony dagger having a weapon speed that was too slow
Fixed issue with “The Wolf Queen Awakened” where backing out of a conversation with Styrr too soon would block progress
The third level of the Limbsplitter perk now properly improves all battle axes
Fixed a rare issue where Sanguine Rose would not work properly
In “Tending the Flames” King Olaf’s Verse will no longer disappear from explosions

細かい内容は省きますが、1.5.26 βと変わらずそのまま正式 version up みたいです。


・navmesh による CTD 対策(具体的な表記ありませんが…)
・盾 Perk の矢そらしが正常に機能していなかった問題


--- 以下旧記事 ---

Beta Update 1.5.26
Today we’ve released a new Skyrim beta update, version 1.5.26, that introduces the following fixes:


    ・Fixed issue with frequency of first person kill cameras
    ・Underwater effects now display properly
    ・Fixed crash when loading certain plugins
    ・Fixed issue where sun would not appear properly after fast travel

Note: As we recently said in the latest Bethesda Podcast, the latest Creation Kit update resolves reported issues with navmeshing.
Recently we’ve discovered a change made to 1.5’s executable for support of the navmesh fix caused CTDs for users loading mods. As a result, we’ve removed the executable change in this beta update.

If you’re experiencing CTDs as a result of Tuesday’s 1.5 release, we recommend opting into the 1.5.26 Beta Update. And for the navmesh fix, the team is currently investigating the issue.

やっぱり navmesh による CTD が v1.5.24 の不安定さだったようです。
基本的に Cell を弄る Mod はこの影響を受けますので
navmesh による、CTD が多発する人は v1.5.26βを試すよう、アナウンスされています。



βへの参加は【Skyrim ver1.4 update】を参考にしてください。

SKSE はすでにこの version にも対応済み。
skse_1_04_15.7z (本体version v1.5.26β用)

SD はまだ対応 version ないです。

Skyrim -Community- Uncapper】 も対応version がないと機能しないので導入してる人は気を付けて下さい。
(現在 SKSE v1.4.15 に対応したものはありません)

あと、個人的な感覚なのですが、v1.5.24 になってから AI がおかしい気がします。
正確には AI なのか QuestScript が正常に動いてないのかわかんないんですけど…


本来ならば NPC がプレイヤーを先導するのに動かないとか、
NPC から会話を持ちかけられるのに話しかけられないのでプレイヤーから話しかけるなど、

と書いてるので QuestScript なんですかね?

navmesh を除いても v1.5世代はかなり色々不具合を持ってそうです。

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